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Affordable music lessons for students and teachers. No subscription required, no commitment.


Teacher with experiences and high expectations, teach at a high level. Teachers that will make you feel like learning in a class room.


No need to travel to meet your teachers as soon as book a trial lesson a zoom link will be provided to meet with a teacher.

How it works

Select your instrument to find the perfect teacher and click on book a lesson. In the next page choose a plan,  enter your information to create an account.

Most Asking Questions

Are online lessons as effective as in-person lessons?

All though there are some differences, multiple studies have shown that students are 36%  more focus and performed 22% better compare to in-person lesson

What do I need to start?

After booking your session and choose a teacher, all is required is computer with a built in microphone and a webcam. After choosing your teacher a link will be sent automatically that connects you with your teacher in your selected time zone.