Which are the best acoustic guitars under $500
November 18, 2022
Acoustic guitar

Let’s say that you already have your guitar for all your gigs, but sometimes you need a little acoustic guitar that is not too expensive.

Not expensive but sometimes nice, a great tone that will give you the best experience anytime you play it.

If you wonder, what is the best acoustic guitar under $500 you can choose?

In this blog, I will talk about the top 5 best acoustic guitars under 500 dollars.

When I say the best acoustic guitar,  don’t take that as gospel.

Sometimes someone talks about something and he describes it as the best but, when you take a look at it,  it looks like the worst ever.

But there’s one thing you should know, everyone has different tastes and different feelings.

It is the same for guitar each person has a brand name and a style that they like.

Personally, I like the fender guitar, I know you might say it’s not the best on the market,  they are not sound greater but it’s my preference.

Now let’s talk about the top best acoustic guitar for under 500 dollars.

Top 5 best acoustic guitars under $500

In this section below I will list different brands, which are under 500 dollars.

I chose these guitars base on my experience and base on some other guitar players that I know used them.

I will not tell you from number one to number 5 which one is the top brand or best you can purchase, but click on the links and see which one might be best for you.

Here we go!

1. Washburn Apprentice Grand Auditorium Acoustic. Available on Adorama website

Washburn Apprentice Grand Auditorium Acoustic

The Washburn AG70CEK is an acoustic-electric guitar that is part of the Washburn Heritage Series.

It features a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides, which provides a rich, warm tone. The guitar also has a built-in pickup and preamp, which allows you to plug it into an amplifier or sound system for a louder, more amplified sound.

It has a slim, comfortable neck and a cutaway design, which allows for easy access to the upper frets. Overall, the AG70CEK is a high-quality guitar that offers a great combination of rich, warm acoustic tones and the versatility of an electric guitar.

The Apprentice series guitars are for serious beginners who want a guitar that sounds great and looking for a piece of instrument that will last decades.

Washburn apprentice AG40CE is a grand auditorium-style acoustic featuring a cutaway and Barcus-berry LX4 pickup tuner system for the highest acoustic quality tone when plugged in.

The Barcus-berry LX4 features a 3-band EQ, presence control, and a built-in tuner for fast and accurate tuning, but for a beginner, it is important to know how to tune without a tuner first.

2. Lag Tramontane T70 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Neutral.  Shop on Adorama

3. Fender FSR FA-235SE Acoustic Guitar, Mocha Burst

4. Fender FSR Malibu Player Acoustic Guitar, Shell Pink

5. Kremona Soloist Series S6SC Classical Acoustic Guitar Rosewood Fingerboard

6. FENDER CD-60 DREADNOUGHT V3 Acoustic guitar