How to pick the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners
November 20, 2022
Guitar strings
There are a lot of guitar strings out there and there are a lot of different brands, as a beginner how to pick the best acoustic guitar strings?

Maybe this is a question that you have been asking yourself, and the reason why you are reading this blog is that you need an answer.

Picking the best guitar strings as a beginner is crucial because using the wrong string not only can hurt your finger.

But also a wrong string can give you a different sound (tone) or feel different when playing.

The string itself will not give you the result that you are looking for if you have the wrong guitar most of the time company mache each guitar with its category of string.

Guitar string type

There are five main types of strings:  Steel and nickel usually used in electric instruments, Bronze/brass, and nylon

Below are 10 different string sets using different materials, starting from professional choice to beginner choice

  1. Treated phosphor bronze
  2. Silver-plated copper wrap and multi-filament core on wound strings, extruded nylon on treble strings
  3. Monel guitar strings
  4. 80/20 Bronze wrap silk, steel core guitar strings
  5. EXP-coated phosphor bronze guitar strings
  6. Cryogenically-processed steel guitar strings
  7. Aluminum Bronze guitar string
  8. Nanoweb-coated phosphor bronze
  9. Treated bronze guitar strings
  10. Nylon

 Best acoustic guitar strings for beginners

Guitar strings are sized or numbered, there are different sizes or numbers depending on what is the level of experience of the person using them.

The string starts from number 009 which is a supper light string to 54 which is the six-string and the heaviest string on the guitar.

There are a few reasons why someone might need to choose the lighter guitar string gauges if you are a complete beginner just starting on learning a few chords.

Below I will give a few reasons, and why choosing the best string might be very helpful for a beginner.

However, the strings themselves will not make the learning process easier or make your guitar sound greater.

1- great tone

2- Easier to fret

3- lest effort press down

Professional guitar players might need to experience all types or sizes because they have no fingertip pain, they already adapt or get used to it.

While A beginner will be dealing with a lot of finger-tip pain at least until the hand adapts to the sensation of the string and fret.

 Best acoustic guitar strings for beginners your choice

Most people might advise beginners to use a classical guitar with nylon strings which is a great choice, but remember there is no way someone can avoid the pain of learning.

Fingers will be so sensitive after a couple of days of leaning and sore, your hand will be tired and get cramps and muscle fatigue.

These pain are in the learning process, everyone went though that there’s no way to avoid them.

My advice is to start with a treaded bronze guitar strings set and get used to it,  the fingertip soreness is temporary.

That pain doesn’t require treatment, although icing, lemon juice water, or numbing creams can provide short-term relief, but, playing daily is the only solution.

Play until your finger gets used to it and all your muscles will get used to it as well.

There is nothing to be afraid of, one of my coaches used to tell me success is easier after it gets hard, for sure the beginning is always hard.

The only way to achieve success is to go through the pain.


As a beginner choose the guitar that you want to use to practice, all guitar comes with a set of strings.

Remember that each guitar style uses a different type of strings, don’t try to put a treaded bronze set of strings to a classical guitar that uses nylon strings.

Read the guitar manual and learn about the material before you make any purchase decision.

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