First guitar lessons what to expect.
October 28, 2022
Guitar lesson

Let’s say you are a complete beginner and ready to start learning how to play your first song, physical and mentally you are ready but…

You don’t know yet what will happen, what to expect, or what you will need to start your Guitar journey, stay with me I might help.

Since you are a complete beginner wanted to learn music but doesn’t know what to expect, this will be step by step on what is required for a beginner who wants to learn music with no prior experience.

However, this is for someone who is really motivated in learning how to play an instrument not only the guitar but any instrument, and wants to get ideas before meeting with their teacher for the first time.

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Prepare for your first guitar lessons

For most people buying an instrument will be their first step when trying to learn music and I don’t blame anyone who brought their instrument first when thinking about learning music for the first time.

This is the first step that shows that you’re really interested in your new learning process, however, most people that I know trying to learn music and buy their instrument first end up with the instrument in their home and never learn anything.

To prevent that from happening to anyone, I will talk about the first thing I would do if I had to start learning music once again

First guitar lessons what should you expect?

Before buying any instrument for music start by meeting with your teacher, and start learning how to read music first.

Music is not about playing an instrument, I know a lot of people that can play an instrument but will never be a musician.

And also there are a lot of good musicians that are really good at playing an instrument, musicians are not those who play, but a songwriter, arrangers, singers, backup singers, and music producers are musicians as well.

Know what to expect before starting that way you can set your expectations and motivate yourself.

What makes someone a musician, or how to become a musician?

I used to teach music and I used to tell my students that music is not about what you do when moving your hands on the instrument, by the way, inspiration is not coming from your hands.

Music play first with heart, ears, and spirit, your spirit gives instructions to your hand and your hands just respond to the instructions.

Now, the reason I said that when someone trying to learn music, meet with their teacher first and start taking a couple of lessons and see how that goes is:

Most of the time when starting to play an instrument people are realizing that maybe if they try another instrument it would feel better in their hand. And this is common sense.

Some people move from instrument to instrument until they quit and never learn anything.

Learn to read music and after you will be free to choose whatever instrument you want, whether it is guitar, piano, violin, bass guitar, or singing.

The choice will be easier and that way even if you don’t learn how to play an instrument you can learn another part of music that will help you later.

First guitar lessons

When I was learning music back in 2002, I wish we had YouTube back then, Nowadays things are easier. Before you start your music class, go on YouTube and start learning some music theory.

What is the definition of music, music note, and how do they arrange those also start learning how to read music.

Reading music is the most important part of music, no one will be great at something if that person doesn’t know the basics and how everything works.

In all music books, you will find a lot of scare signs and math. First, you need to know how they turn them into notes and play them on an instrument.

Students always have in their mind the first step in music is to give them an instrument and start showing them how to play songs.

In reality, it is far from the real way to start learning music, no one will take chance to give someone who never learns how to drive a car on the first day of learning to drive a car for a ride.

You might say well thank God this is just a guitar, but let me tell you, you can hurt someone feeling with your music if doesn’t learn it the right way.

Music can create happiness or sadness, Music can build or destroy someone, music can make you laugh or cry.


In the first lessons, you will not be required to bring your instrument because it is not necessary yet.

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