10 Great Acoustic Guitars for Under $5000
December 31, 2022
Acoustic Guitars for Under $5000

After a lot of research and a lot of reading to find an answer to this question, I realize that maybe I can help a lot of my guitar followers and pro guitarists out there with my search.

10 Great Electric Guitars for Under $5000: A Buying Guide that will help you make a better decision on your purchasing.

The search for the top best guitar of all time led me to understand that there is a guitar for each guitarist, it doesn’t matter what is their budget.

When You love something price is not really important no more, you’ll do whatever to get it.

Top 10 best guitars under 5000

During my research, I found 33 guitars that are from the range of 4000 dollars to 4999 dollars. Below I will list the top ten that I chose for this blog

1- Gibson Dove Original Acoustic



Antique Natural

One of the top ultra-modern acoustic guitars you will find on any stage, The Gibson Dove is a flattop steel-string acoustic guitar corporation since 1962.

Maple body, with LR Baggs Pickup, Tune-o-Matic, adjustable or fixed rosewood fretboard.

Learn more about Gibson Dove Original Acoustic Electric Guitar Here

2- Guild F-512E

Guild F-512E

Guild F-512E Jumbo Maple Acoustic Guitar, 12 string

Made in the USA, the Guild F-125 Jumbo Maple Acoust guitar has been in line since the 1960s

It features a grained solid Sitka spruce arched flamed maple back and flamed maple sides.

The big body boasts a deep sound tempered by the beautiful and crisp-sounding flame.

Click here to learn more about Guild F-512E

3-Gibson Elvis Presley Dove

Gibson Elvis Presley Dove Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Gibson Elvis Presley Dove Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Gibson Elvis Presley Dove Acoustic is based on a customized 1969 that was gifted to the king of rock and roll by his father Vernon Presley.

That guitar was the one that Elvis Presley played in concert frequently from 1971 until 1975.

This dove dressed in black features a solid Sitka spruce top, a solid maple body, and LR Baggs VTC Electronic.

Click here to learn more about GIgson Elvis Presley Dove

4- Martin D-28E Modern Deluxe

Martin D-28E Modern Deluxe Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Martin D-28E Modern Deluxe Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar-2

Get Inspired by Martin D-28E. Packed with vintage and modern features.

This dreadnought acoustic guitar is the best in the world.

Click Here to learn more about Martin D-28E Moderne Deluxe

5-Martin OM-28E

6- Gibson Dave Mustaine Songwriter

7-Martin D-18E

8-Guild F-55E Jumbo

9-Taylor Builder’s Edition 652ce Grand Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

10-Gibson Limited Edition Dave Mustaine Songwriter Signed Acoustic-Electric Guitar