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A new Stratocaster scratchplate is a great, low cost way to change the appearance of your strat, or to just replace your old/broken strat scratchplate.

The most common questions are:

Will this stratocaster scratchplate fit my guitar / are the screw holes in the same place?
 Given the many different variations of Strats and Stratocaster copies, we created an easy downloadable strat scratchplate PDF which you can print out and check against your current guitar/scratchplate. Simply click here to download it and follow the instructions! Its worth bearing in mind that even if the holes don't line up exactly, any old holes from your existing strat scratchplate will still be covered by the new scratchplate.

Available in almost 400 variations (colours, finishes, numbers of plys etc) these stratocaster scratchplates:
◾Have 11 pre-drilled screw holes (screws not supplied)....
 which make them suitable to replace the strat scratchplate on most imported strats and strat copies. If replacing a scratchplate on an 8 hole Squier Strat, the original 8 holes should match up (leaving you just 3 new holes to pre-drill).
◾Have 8mm diameter pot holes (naturally these can be easily enlarged with a drill)
◾Come in various configurations for pickup selector switches, pickup types, number of pots etc
 Most pickup variations are covered - SSS, SSS (left-handed), SSH, HH, H (there's even a blank one!) and some come with either 5 way selector (the standard) or toggle switches, and with holes for 2 or 3 volume/tone pots. There are too many variations to put them all in one page, so please see our Start Scratchplate shop category to see the rest.

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